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I am not just a photographer, I am a husband to a beautiful, supporting, outgoing, loving woman, the father of 3 beautiful children (Aiden, Z. J., and Ellie Jae), a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, an electrician, a recovering drug addict..... That's right, I am 6 years sober from heroin. I am not ashamed of my story because it testifies to the goodness, grace, mercy, and love of God. Having the addictive personality has become a huge advantage for my business, I am a workaholic and my biggest critic. I am hard on myself and push my own limits. I step out of my comfort zone to ensure the highest level of quality for my clients. Being a wedding and family photographer is not about the money for me, it's about the art, the relationships, the platform God has given me to be fruitful on the journey He has chosen to put me on. I would love to earn your business and look forward to meeting you!

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I love the art of photography. My style is a bit darker, more dramatic, because when the client shows these memories in their homes I want the viewer to feel like they are there. I want them to look at these moments and hear the father of the bride fighting to hold it together, the crowd laughing because the flower girl dumped all her flowers in one spot, to feel the warmth of that golden hour sun in the background, to feel the energy of the reception. My style is an art form. My art form!